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Check out this interview I did with Louise over on her blog – how about answering the questions yourself or asking your followers? CA x


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Hello My Lovely Lot,

Yes its been a while but I took a break to try a different blogging platform and found out that it just wasn’t for me so have come back to my lovely followers on here.

With that being said I agreed a while back to take part in a Q&A with the awesome @charlottexamy but of course me being me and finding my feet I let her down and took a lifetime to sit down and do it. But here we are 🙂 I hope you guys get just as much enjoyment our of it as I’m sure Charlotte will.

  1. Introduce yourself:  Louise Anne Barnard, 24 years old, from Horsham West Sussex. I am currently a Front Of House Manager at a gym.
  2. Do you have a 5 year plan if so what is it?: I mean what I want and what happens lets…

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The one where… she gets a new job!

So I’ve had a little gap since I last posted, sorry in advance for that! But I have been a very busy bee!

Since I last posted I have left my job, had some time out for myself and secured and started a new job. I realised that sometimes it is perfectly okay to be selfish and that I needed to step back from jobs that encompassed me giving 110% of myself for other people. I decided that I wanted to work in an office environment and be part of a close team, and thankfully for me, I managed to land on my feet pretty quickly and secure a new job in just that!

I started on the Monday just gone, and despite the brain numbing from all the learning I have been doing I am so so happy I made the transition into a different sector.

I’ve figured that sometimes in life you just have to take a plunge and go for it, not worry about how you’re gonna make the bills or whatever, there can always be a friend or relative to help carry you until you find your feet, but it’s important that you strive for what YOU want, and you don’t just slip into the system of working 9-5 in a sleepy town, comatosed on your commute to work, surviving on coffee and working to live. Life needs more excitement than that, it needs a job you love, for money you deserve, and goals you can reach. And that doesn’t happen remaining in comfortable environments or being part of something just because you know it’s safer for you and you don’t need to use your brain as much.




So now my plan going forward is to focus more on myself. What I want, what I need and if I want to spend my money on something I will, if I want to go out partying, then I will, I was so consumed in my work that I forgot to look after myself, and it’s so important to look after yourself and do whatever you wanna do to make yourself feel happy and wholesome. I’ve got a job I enjoy, and I’m saving for a mortgage, looking for holidays with my boyfriend, and spending more time with my friends and family. And that’s all that’s really important.

Always put yourself first, regardless of what anyone says, you are the most important thing, no company is worth more than your physical or mental health. Never sideline your social life, or personal life, for your professional life. It really isn’t worth it.



CA x


Ladies (and gents!), we all love a sassy song, that says F U, I’m a boss or sticks it ~to the man~, tells people how you feel, says “I can do without you”. Powerhouses and divas who make us feel confident and ready to tackle the world. I know for myself anyway, that listening to these ladies always boosts my mood and makes me feel like I’m a little bit stronger and more capable. Any artist that does that is an inspiration.

Take a look at my girl power You Tube playlist below; new tracks will be added regularly!






CA x

A very honest letter to my younger self.

Hello sweet,

So you’re a teenager and you’re full of hormones. You don’t know much about me, but I know you so well. You’re very different to me but also very much the same. Most people would think you were an extrovert as you’re always in the conversation, never giving a damn, always pulling a prank or being a clown. But that will change, you’ll go through secondary school with the belief that in order to be someone you need to be popular and conform. You’ll be bullied by a girl so incredibly insecure about herself that she’ll make you hate your appearance, but you will get over it when you leave school. When you leave school you’ll realise that everyone ends up the same way in the end and that popularity doesn’t equal friendship, and so will she, so don’t hate her for what she’s done, she’s learning too.

Boys are like yo-yos to you for a bit. They bring you up and they drop you down. Yeah our first relationship is completely fake, I’m really sorry for the pain you’ll go through. Your whole relationship was a lie and I wish you knew so you could have saved your virginity for someone who cares about you more. Mainly because of this you brush the good ones away for a bit and you lose someone really great. Luckily for you he’s a top man and he stays your friend for the foreseeable future, he helps you through some seriously dark times and he truly is your counterpart, just not romantically.

I hate to break it to you but you really cocked up college. You did two years of AS because you messed around in the first year and then you gave up and went into the world of work. It’s a good job you love to work. You work more and more and move from jobs roughly each year and a half until you find something new that excites you and can’t wait to get stuck in.

Don’t believe what people say. You’re very naive to things and you subject yourself to other people’s opinions so often that they start to forge your opinions too. You will lose a lot of friends when you find yourself and you’ll be distraught that people don’t stick around and spend time with you on birthdays but you will realise that unfortunately that’s becoming an adult and you will meet people that will stick by you. I promise.

There’s some big events that happen too. You find out you have another half brother and half sister. You spend some time with them a couple of times a year for a few years, but now you’ve grown and you don’t stand for 80/20 relationships, it needs to be equal effort. So for now you’ll wait to see if they come to you.

You’ll meet your dad. The man you thought abandoned you and never wanted you. Well, he does want you. He’s just a scared man that thinks you will reject him. But you don’t, because growing up with just your mum you’ve learnt to appreciate family and embrace anyone that wants to be part of that. Along with your dad you’ll meet his side of the family, auntie, cousins, nan, step mum and step sisters and it will completely overwhelm you. Don’t worry there is no rush. Just enjoy the small things.

You find love. The kind of love you have dreamed of, and you move back home after leaving at 17. You’re saving for a mortgage and you’ve got a wonderful man and extended family. Shit gets really bad for them but you stay close and you give all you can because that’s what families do. Who knows if you will be with him forever but it’s been almost a year here now and that will astound you. Again, enjoy the small things.

Your anxiety and depression will go up and down and you’ll realise that it’s not something you will remove. It’s part of you and that’s not always a bad thing. It builds your character. Sometimes it will kick you and knock you down but you will always stand up straighter and stronger with the love you have around you. You get rid of your terror nightmares. Yes, really. You only have nightmares when you’re stressed. You’re learning to love yourself properly. Fully. Every part.

This letter isn’t to scare you about the bad things. You do so well, you drive and you know who you are. You have wonderful friends and family and despite the death, trauma and permanent damage from things you will always fight.

Because you are a fighter.

And there is always happiness.

Remember what Dumbledore says in Harry Potter, you will love by it.

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Take care. Love yourself. You’re doing so well. CA x