Favourite Playlist… March

I decided that as well as posting my favourites, in general, I would post my monthly favourite playlist, because what is music if it’s not for sharing?!

This months favourites are the 80’s.

Full of rhythmic melodies, sing along vibes and some iconic greats, this playlist is full of songs for everyone.

Take a look at this playlist on spotify, and let me know your thoughts!



CA x



Ladies (and gents!), we all love a sassy song, that says F U, I’m a boss or sticks it ~to the man~, tells people how you feel, says “I can do without you”. Powerhouses and divas who make us feel confident and ready to tackle the world. I know for myself anyway, that listening to these ladies always boosts my mood and makes me feel like I’m a little bit stronger and more capable. Any artist that does that is an inspiration.

Take a look at my girl power You Tube playlist below; new tracks will be added regularly!






CA x