Ten years later…


**I do mean every word though**

Sometimes you encounter people that literally shape who you are as a person. Approximately ten years ago I encountered one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of conversing with. She’s mad clever and disgustingly beautiful and she always feels like home. (I haven’t actually asked for permission to talk about her so I’m just not going to mention her name ha!).

We started talked on a blogging platform, Tumblr, when we were 15 (I think) and I wouldn’t be able to tell you what bonded us or what we spoke about initially but we talked progressively over time and developed a really good friendship. Regardless of what’s happened in our lives and where we’ve been we have always stayed in touch. If there’s anything worth knowing about me then she knows it.

After such a long time of speaking via Skype, Facebook and a million other platforms I bought a flight and flew to the US last week. People had a lot of questions and a lot of opinions. The main ones obviously being “Why are you going so far to see someone you’ve never met?” And “How do you know things will be okay?”.

Obviously I didn’t know for sure because nobody knows anything for sure really but I do know that I trust her with my life so I knew it would all be fine.

In reality it was more than fine. Not only did I get to spend time with someone I regard as a genuine part of my soul, I got to spend time with her kick ass family and friends whom I have now all adopted as my own. I have plans to go back and get them over to the UK etc and I feel like I’ve encountered some genuinely decent people and for that I can’t thank her enough for introducing me.

They even got me a present for my birthday after knowing me for two days. You’d never get that in the UK, I’m sure you can imagine how shocked I was, I had to really play it down so I didn’t cry in public so I’m hoping none of them think ill of me for my reaction!

I can honestly say that going to the US has made me the happiest I’ve been for a little while. I felt free and I was so happy being around such wonderful individuals. Simple things like driving and listening to music and just rocking out and talking until 4am by the pool, I’ll never be able to repay her for what she gives me in terms of boosting me up, building my confidence and self esteem, being my confidante when I need someone to listen, making me belly laugh like I’ve never laughed before.

If you’re reading this (which you probably won’t be) I love you so very much and I will forever be grateful to have a friendship like ours, with you. There’s not many people you find in a life time that get what you’re about.

And to those that take the time to read my posts, take the plunge if you know someone is good to you that you’ve been friends with for years but have never gotten around to seeing. Or if someone lives far and you feel too busy, make time. Good friendships only last if you help them to bloom.

Appreciate your friends for the little things, it means a whole lot more to them than you think.

CA x


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