Your face cost how much?

I have been reaching for inspo recently for what to post on here and I realised that as much as I love beauty and blogging, I’m not mad creative or talented so I won’t be able to show you guys that many looks or anything that would interesting! I saw someone I know had posted a blog about how much their face costs and I though that would be a super idea.

NB: Prepare yourselves, I use a lot of stuff when I do a full face so this is a long post. All items will be linked so please go check them out if any recommendations take your fancy!

So to start with I moisturise (not always though but this is on the basis of a good day when I am doing it properly!) with E45 moisturising lotion (£7.49) and leave it set, then I prime (which you should do religiously even when not wearing foundation because the right primer will fix your face and make it flawless! My go to primer is The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (£9) which smells divine and makes me skin super soft and helps fight those nasty blemishes. I have quote acne prone skin and can 100% say that it’s this pore minimiser that keeps it at bay.

Next of course, is foundation. I chop and change with foundation quite often because can like something one minute and then the next day doesn’t play ball with it at all. I’m currently using Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in shade ‘Soft Ivory’ (£6) which has a matte natural finish and is super light weight. I don’t tend to need to use concealer over it but on the occasion that I do it’s always M.A.C. Studio Fix concealer in NW30 (£16.50) as it’s so easy to use and it’s a solid to cream formula so a little goes a long way. I use a rounded foundation brush from Spectrum (£7.99) to put my foundation on and a concealer brush from Spectrum also (£3.99). The beauty blender comes out to blend and make sure there’s not lines, I love Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (£5.99) so much!

For my eyes it’s high end products again (Sorry high street!) with MAC False Lashes mascara (£20) – I use the waterproof one because who doesn’t use waterproof mascara?! If I fancy eyeshadow it is 9/10 going to be my NAKED 3 palette (£39.50) if it’s eyeliner, the best I have used (and I’ve used a lot) is No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eye Liner (£8.50).

After I’ve done my eyes, I go back to my face and bronze, blush and highlight. I like to do it once my foundation and concealer has fully set incase it pulls or goes cakey. I don’t tend to contour anymore because it’s so much hassle! You can chisel with bronzer and highlighter in key parts and it doesn’t feel as heavy which I prefer. I use MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Highlighter in Soft n’ Gentle (£25.50) my blush and bronzer are the cheapest parts of my make up bag, blusher is currently £1.20! The bronzer is only £3 – you can thank me later for these two gems. When finished everything gets the once over with MAC Prep + Prime Fix + (£19), I like the rose one, it smells better and rose also has green tea and other things to hydrate and look after your skin!

My make up bag comes to a slightly eye watering £165.16! To be fair I’m a little shocked after adding it up. It’s mad how you keep adding to the make up bag without realising how much you’re spending!

If you like any of these products, you can look at them or buy them, via their links within the prices.

Happy Shopping!

CA x


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