Tips to get through Winter.

If like me you’re very much a summer person, Winter is one of those seasons you don’t particularly favour. From the cold nights to scraping ice off your car before the morning commute it’s all a bit of pain in the derrière lets be honest! A high proportion of the UK suffer with season affective depression as a result of these longer days, lack of sunlight and cold gloomy weather so I thought I’d write an entry on how to get through the Winter and keep yourself positive.

Clean out the house –

Don’t go stir-crazy inside this winter! Embrace your time indoors and move furniture, change the wallpaper, spring clean. Giving things a good shake up can really help the mind organise itself and in turn make you feel happier.

Get a house plant –

House plants are good for a whole manner of things. They produce much needed oxygen and pull out carbon dioxide replenishing the air inside your home. They’re also extremely good for adding a touch of nature amongst the bricks and mortar therefore very anaesthetically pleasing. Plants teach us discipline and self care and there’s nothing better than seeing a bit of greenery when it’s cold and bare outside.

Get colouring! –

Drawing and colouring is not just for children. In fact drawing can be a form of therapy. Many places sell adult colouring books and you will find using your brain in a new and creative way can be refreshing and calming. You can get so lost in colouring a picture that the time will fly by.

Puzzles and games –

Again something people often regard for children but if you find yourself watching TOO MUCH TV, invite a friend over, throw on some music and put a puzzle together or play a board game. It may seem cliché, but there really is something great about the amount of focus necessary for piecing together a puzzle or playing a board game. It also brings out our social side without venturing into the cold outdoors.

Go for a walk –

Whether you’re a city dweller or a country bumpkin going for a walk is the ultimate mind cleanser. And if you’re feeling creative, take a camera along and take some pictures of wildlife or wintery scenes you may see along the way. Walking is both good for your body and mind and will release endorphins increasing your mood.

That’s it! They are my tips. Let me know in the comments if you have any of your own that help!

CA x


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