Wet n Wild – Photo Finish: REVIEW


Firstly I want to apologise for a lapse in blogging, it’s been a tiring and busy few months and I’m finally getting time to myself to crack on with the things I enjoy again. Thank you for sticking by me whilst I have been a little absent!

Anyway, today’s post is all about a US company called Wet n Wild. Based on Los Angeles, California these guys strive to make products 100% cruelty free and with benefits other brands can’t give you, and that’s not just the price of their products.

Following a YouTube video from the Queen of Dragons, Nikita on a fire and ice set from Wet n Wild (you can search for her as nikitadragun) I was super intrigued as to what the brand had to offer, I had a little trouble finding them at first as I’m in the UK and nobody likes shipping costs but as of late Beauty Bay have started stocking! You may well be able to get their products in some stores around the UK but much the same as FENTY, I have a feeling it’s a little scarce.

So Nikita does her YouTube video and releases it to the masses, she doesn’t actually mention their foundation at all, but I’m so amazed at their eyeshadow palettes which are super user friendly and so cost effective that it strikes my interest. I was really impressed with the shade of the foundation and the fact it didn’t oxidise at all even through a long day at work with air conditioning and going from hot to cold multiple times in the day, which is what every make up wearer wants really.

The product is thick and creamy but very easy to blend and buff into the skin. It’s highly pigmented and very little is needed for a medium to full coverage. It’s buildable and doesn’t seem to cake, resulting in a really natural finish.

As someone with acne scarring and pigmentation I absolutely adore this foundation because it literally does give you that photo finish. It really hides all scarring and makes my skin one tone and look so good. Naturally as a result of this I feel more confident and I’m not checking my face as often because it lasts. My only downfall is that it’s not overly oil proof which means my t zone starts to get oily and the foundation does slip away after about 7/8 hours, but even still that’s a pretty long time, and when I was testing its longevity I wasn’t wearing primer/sprays/powders to finish or seal the foundation in.

Oh and did I mention the foundation is £6?!?!

Below shows you the current range on the beauty bay UK app of which I will definitely be purchasing more of!

Have you ever used Wet n Wild? Is there anything you want to see me review? Let me know in the comments or post to my Facebook page here

CA x


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