Time for yourself.

We live in such a fast paced world, where we spend our days rushing from A to B, working, caring for others, and generally running errands and the alike, and it occurred to me that very rarely, do we sit and take a minute for ourselves. With events that have happened as of late, I have realised just how important it is to have a bit of self care and to take yourself away for a little while, even if it is just 10 minutes, because it’s that time that allows you to process your day and more importantly your emotions.

I think having a place you can go to engross yourself with self love is the vital part. There is no point having time for yourself if you still have a toddler running round, or you have to go back to work afterwards, you need to have space and time that is solely for you. My place is the beach, and I quite often find that I take myself off to the beach, and just sit on the sand or stones and watch the waves. It gives me the opportunity to reflect on myself and what has happened, any achievements, or hardships and how I am going to respond to life.

Some people go to the local library, some go to the noise and head straight into their closest town. Others go for a coffee in a quaint little cafe on the edge of town, but the similarity is that all will be alone having time to themselves.

Having time to yourself is vital for your mental health and keeping at a sustainable level. If you were to cause physical damage to a body part you would instinctively take action to prevent further damage and keep that part of your body safer and better looked after. When it comes to the brain, people tend to bypass the self love part and carry on as if nothing happened. This causes a push down effect and at some point your mental health will deteriorate which could in turn be hazardous for your physical health also. It’s something we’re all too keen to sideline, to pretend it doesn’t exist because of the stigma. That doesn’t mean it is going away. It means it needs more attention that ever.

I can’t preach and say that I am perfect at giving myself love and admiration as all humans should, some days I feel awful, some days I think about everyone else around me first. But on those days when I am stressed or upset, I always try to fit in some time for myself.

If you don’t already, please do try to give yourself time, if you can make it every day. Even ten minutes is enough to calm your brain. Breathing exercises control your heart beat and you can become almost zen with the world. Meditating, yoga, Pilates and many other gentle sports are brilliant for me time, self care and self preservation. Some times these kind of things aren’t practical and in that case if it means sitting in quiet with a glass of vino after the kids are asleep or the chores have been done then so be it! Just make sure it’s solely for you. Do not allow anyone to interrupt your time.

Do you know any techniques to relax? Do you already give yourself self love and time to yourself? What do you do to relax and have time to yourself?

Let me know in the comments!

CA x


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