I had never been to a festival before and I was beyond excited. I booked tickets for Lovebox in Gunnersbury Park, London months and months ago for me and my step sister. It was a time for us to have a bit of bonding and get to know each other. Closer to the date my other step sister also managed to get a ticket so all three of us went together for the Friday show.



  1. WU TANG CLAN. WU FOREVER honestly. So insane, so nostalgic and so surprised to see most of the guys on the stage! They performed all the classics (bar gravel pit) and it was booming. Everyone had their W’s in the air and the whole crowd was bopping in sync. The atmosphere was electric.
  2. Skepta. BBK. Skepta closed the Friday show and despite the torrential rain and storm that graced us just before his set, everyone went mental. There was two stepping and skanking all over the place. Skepta performed a few bangers with the help of other BBK artists and had a series of pyrotechnics and fireworks to finish. The hype was real and everyone definitely felt elevated.
  3. The people. Everyone was so beyond happy (yes I know that most were high on something, not just life) but there was just peace everywhere. Everyone was your friend and everyone helped out and shared things. Festival family really does make the experience better and so many people were happy to be your friend or share their drink or whatever the circumstances may be. There was street performers and dancers and everyone got involved with everything. There was no judgement and no negative options and it was just lovely to be part of!

Lovebox takes place at Gunnersbury Park every year in July. The event lasts two days (Friday and Saturday) although there are no camping facilities on site. Tickets are about £60 and Acton Town is the closest tube station. You can access the festival from London Victoria on the westbound district line to Ealing Broadway.

CA x


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