FENTY foundation – The review.

So I caved. I followed the hype. The hype I usually ignore. I jumped in the bandwagon. Whatever other phrases you may use, I did. I purchased a lipstick and foundation from Harvey Nichols (the only UK retailer to sell FENTY, may I add!!) and thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

So first let’s answer the question everyone wants to know? Is it worth it? Well, it is good. The price is reasonable. I’d say probably in between your high street and designers but the quality is closer to designer ranges.

The foundation is called #profiltr and is a lightweight matte finish liquid, medium to full coverage and blendable. It comes in a whopping 40 shades so you can see why Rihanna broke the market with it and made the other companies a little sheepish. The trouble I found is that is really hard to match your shade. Online is a bit difficult to compare yourself with, as much as the skin tones are true, all the girls are photoshopped slightly so it is a little deceiving. It’s also not that easy for everyone who is interested in it to get colour matched as the only store is Knightsbridge in London so that’s problematic too.

Once that palaver was over it was ordering and waiting for it and then I got to swatch. The tones are dreamy, very much natural skin tones and a lovely liquid to powder finish. It looks like you have very little make up on. I tend to use it with a brush spreading outwards from the center of my face and then use a beauty blender to remove any brush lines.

It’s now become my day to day foundation and although it’s £26 it lasts longer than some other high end brands.

I also tried a lipstick in the shade “spanked”, which was such a good purchase. So rich and creamy and pigmented. The packaging is chrome and made so that you can stack your lipsticks (and other products!) all together.

The wear doesn’t last as long as I would have liked it to but it’s super moisturising and kept my lips hydrated so I love it for work and events where it doesn’t need to last longer than say four or five hours.

Have you tried FENTY beauty? What’s your verdict?


CA x


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