The one where… she gets a new job!

So I’ve had a little gap since I last posted, sorry in advance for that! But I have been a very busy bee!

Since I last posted I have left my job, had some time out for myself and secured and started a new job. I realised that sometimes it is perfectly okay to be selfish and that I needed to step back from jobs that encompassed me giving 110% of myself for other people. I decided that I wanted to work in an office environment and be part of a close team, and thankfully for me, I managed to land on my feet pretty quickly and secure a new job in just that!

I started on the Monday just gone, and despite the brain numbing from all the learning I have been doing I am so so happy I made the transition into a different sector.

I’ve figured that sometimes in life you just have to take a plunge and go for it, not worry about how you’re gonna make the bills or whatever, there can always be a friend or relative to help carry you until you find your feet, but it’s important that you strive for what YOU want, and you don’t just slip into the system of working 9-5 in a sleepy town, comatosed on your commute to work, surviving on coffee and working to live. Life needs more excitement than that, it needs a job you love, for money you deserve, and goals you can reach. And that doesn’t happen remaining in comfortable environments or being part of something just because you know it’s safer for you and you don’t need to use your brain as much.




So now my plan going forward is to focus more on myself. What I want, what I need and if I want to spend my money on something I will, if I want to go out partying, then I will, I was so consumed in my work that I forgot to look after myself, and it’s so important to look after yourself and do whatever you wanna do to make yourself feel happy and wholesome. I’ve got a job I enjoy, and I’m saving for a mortgage, looking for holidays with my boyfriend, and spending more time with my friends and family. And that’s all that’s really important.

Always put yourself first, regardless of what anyone says, you are the most important thing, no company is worth more than your physical or mental health. Never sideline your social life, or personal life, for your professional life. It really isn’t worth it.



CA x


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