February favourites

As humans we are naturally curious creatures, and I took a peek at other bloggers I know and noticed that people tend to discuss what things they found in the month, favourite things and such so I figured why not join the clan and show my tastes to the community too. Enlisted in this piece are things that have taken me back, made me smile or have interested me this month.

OCCASION- I had my first ever Valentine this year from my boyfriend (I’ve never had a partner around holidays) so I was a little stuck for what you actually do! We settled on not doing anything as we show each other we love each other on a pretty much daily basis anyway (unison aww!) but we did get each other cards, and I don’t care what anybody says, getting a card with a sentimental and personal message in it, is 10x better than all the presents in the world. You just can’t beat written word and people pouring their hearts into cards and letters.

TV/STREAMING- I have recently started watching Netflix again after a long stint of not watching anything (I missed David Attenborough, I’m not going to deny it) and have been exploring the range of series they have to offer. Two series have interested me the most. Grimm, a fairlytale-esque crime drama that mixes the likes of LOTR with Harry Potter and adds a little Luther? There is round about 22 episodes per season and I believe there is 4 seasons on Netflix, each episode being 45/46 minutes long. I have thoroughly gotten into the plot and the episodes and I am obsessed. Which is quite a lot for me because my attention span for things like that is usually 0. My other favourite new series is Big Mouth. A comedy sketch cartoon (looks like it could have been made by the same guys as Rick and Morty?) about two best friends going through puberty. It’s crass, abrupt and very straight down the line but I think that is why I find it so hilarious! Each of the lads has a “hormone monster” that controls their urges and emotions and obviously their interaction with girls at school.


Jorja Smith is coming in big time. She’s recently won British Breakthrough Act at The BRITS and performed a killer show with Rag’N’Bone there as well. Above is her newest track, Let You Down ft Stormzy who is also killin’ the game right now for UK music. Jorja Smith won the award that the likes of Sam Smith and Adele have won in previous years and I can bet that she will follow their super stardom. I don’t seem to dislike any of her releases!

I couldn’t really include February favourites without mentioning the return of JT could I? He has released prior to Say Something ft Chris Stapleton, with tracks like the edgy Filthy but I feel that this is the best of his new album Man of The Woods. JT’s last release was The 20/20 Experience which was way back in March in 2013, so we were due some new melodies! I love the transition of mixing pop and country together and it’s nice to hear more males bringing country styles into the charts.



Lots of bloggers have agreed on the same video for February favourites and there is no denying the power of this video for the UK people. The passion to the music, the people and using his platform to make sure that the media and news don’t drop the case, ignore the crime and what has happened in this past horrible year.  “HELLO THERESA MAY WHERE’S THE MONEY FOR GRENFELL?”

Well…hats off to the man that is Stormzy…



Soap and Glory Thick & Fast HD Mascara

This mascara is a fibre brush which is what I always look for as I tend to find them a bit easier on the eyes and lashes than plastic brushes. The packaging is beautiful and sleek, as always with Soap and Glory and the mascara doesn’t clump at all. It’s super fresh, and the brush has a short side and a longer bristled side with an angle at the end for those hard to reach areas (yes I am looking to you, tear ducts). I think it’s fab and one coat makes my lashes look like they’re naturally long, and doesn’t really look like I have mascara on. If I apply two or three coats, it gives me the same lift and volume as strip lashes do, which is brilliant if you’re not so good with glueing fiddly things like lashes!


CA x



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