Foundation game changer?

I was recently thinking about changing up my foundation game and heading for something new. I didn’t overly mind spending a little or a lot providing I had a good coverage, longevity and it controlled my mad oily skin.

I was advised to give a foundation under the name of ‘The Ordinary’ a try as they had copious shades to cater for my pale skin and two options, a serum formula and full coverage formula. The product varies from £5.75-£6.00 depending on where you purchase (retailers I’m aware of are ASOS, cult beauty and BeautyBay) so naturally I purchased one of each.

Serum formula

  1. Thinner, more runny liquid texture therefore a little goes a long way.
  2. Buildable coverage.
  3. Spot on colour matching.
  4. Lasts approx 8 hours.
  5. Lightweight and non cakey appearance.
  6. Gives the skin a dewy finish.

Full coverage formula

  1. Thick, but fair consistency.
  2. Fuller coverage.
  3. Colour matches well but oxidises a little once applied.
  4. Lasts 4-6 hours.
  5. Lightweight however due to thicker consistency can become cakey if not applied sparingly.
  6. More of a matte appearance as it sinks into pores more than the serum formula.


My verdict on both is that for the price, you really cannot go wrong. I suffer with blemished and acne, as well as scarring and both formulas cover all redness and bumps to a level where I’m more comfortable with my face. Both formulas do need setting with powder or setting sprays to last a little longer, although neither formulas claim to have a set hour wear, so the length of time they do last, is pretty satisfactory.

I prefer the serum formula as it glides over the pores rather than sticking to the face and tends to hide my scarring a little more than the thicker formula. It also gives you a more healthy looking glow, which is always appreciated, especially in the UK winter time!

bottom images: top swatch is full coverage and bottom swatch is serum foundation.

Retailers of The Ordinary Company foundations:

Cult Beauty




CA x


(feature image courtesy of

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