FENTY foundation – The review.

So I caved. I followed the hype. The hype I usually ignore. I jumped in the bandwagon. Whatever other phrases you may use, I did. I purchased a lipstick and foundation from Harvey Nichols (the only UK retailer to sell FENTY, may I add!!) and thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

So first let’s answer the question everyone wants to know? Is it worth it? Well, it is good. The price is reasonable. I’d say probably in between your high street and designers but the quality is closer to designer ranges.

The foundation is called #profiltr and is a lightweight matte finish liquid, medium to full coverage and blendable. It comes in a whopping 40 shades so you can see why Rihanna broke the market with it and made the other companies a little sheepish. The trouble I found is that is really hard to match your shade. Online is a bit difficult to compare yourself with, as much as the skin tones are true, all the girls are photoshopped slightly so it is a little deceiving. It’s also not that easy for everyone who is interested in it to get colour matched as the only store is Knightsbridge in London so that’s problematic too.

Once that palaver was over it was ordering and waiting for it and then I got to swatch. The tones are dreamy, very much natural skin tones and a lovely liquid to powder finish. It looks like you have very little make up on. I tend to use it with a brush spreading outwards from the center of my face and then use a beauty blender to remove any brush lines.

It’s now become my day to day foundation and although it’s £26 it lasts longer than some other high end brands.

I also tried a lipstick in the shade “spanked”, which was such a good purchase. So rich and creamy and pigmented. The packaging is chrome and made so that you can stack your lipsticks (and other products!) all together.

The wear doesn’t last as long as I would have liked it to but it’s super moisturising and kept my lips hydrated so I love it for work and events where it doesn’t need to last longer than say four or five hours.

Have you tried FENTY beauty? What’s your verdict?

CA x


REVIEW – Neutrogena light therapy acne mask

If like me you’ve had troubles with your skin since you can remember you’re probably feeling a little blah when it comes to trying new skincare routines or treatments.

I was very much the same. How many skincare products can you use before you realise you’ve probably spent more money on products that don’thelp or worse cause more breakouts? I’ve tried all the ranges and brands that are suppose to stop any future outbreaks, reduce size of pores, kill the bacteria that causes acne etc etc but nothing overly seemed to work. People always say to let your skin breathe so I’ve tried that too, but letting your skin breathe is kind of hard when you’re insecure about your face because of the acne.

Applying make up becomes a little difficult because let’s face it (excuse the pun) you can never really hide that rubbish. You can see the pimples and you can definitely see if you have any scars whether they be elevated or cratered. It’s a never ending cycle of disliking your face without make up and feeling like people may see that you’ve tried excessively and for quite a while to hide the blemishes.

I’ve tried changing my diet, didn’t make a difference.

I’ve tried chemical peels, aggravated my skin further.

I was at a loss of how I was going to make my skin better and in turn feel better about myself. My mum, as all mums do, cottoned on to my predicament when I was a lot younger than I am now, and has always picked up lotions and potions and tried to make it better for me. So, in turn it had to be her that found my solution.

The Neutrogena light therapy mask sounds a little daunting but it’s a very simple concept. You get a mask that makes you look a little phantom of the opera-esqe and a pod shaped mechanism called the activator. The activator is a set timer that powers the mask for thirty treatments. It’s recommended that you use the mask daily to see more effective results. The mask has a mixture of red and blue lights that target the bacteria that causes acne. When the two colour spectrums come together they displace the make up or the bacteria making it unable to penetrate the skin. It also therefore targets existing acne, killing the bacteria and reducing the spot size pretty quickly.

I’ve been using it for 10 days and I haven’t had a new breakout at all. It’s managing my pigmentation from the acne and rapidly making all my skin the same tone. The only issue is my scars but after 10 days I think it would be overly optimistic to think they would go too. I’m honestly astounded by the results.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone who has acne. Hopefully they’ll create a HomeKit for those who suffer with body acne or blemishes. I should imagine it would also benefit those with certain skin conditions as well.

Light therapy is usually big bucks if you go to a salon, so to have the opportunity to sit at home and do it for 10 minutes each day for a minor cost of £39.99 (you do have to replace the activator after 30 sessions) is a no brainer.

It’s also available all most retailers and stays roughly around the same price mark.

Overall, I think it’s something you should definitely try if you have pains getting rid of the lodgers in your face. They’re moving out.

CA x


On Friday the fourth of May I turned twenty five. Some people regard it as a bit of a landmark birthday and some don’t. I was a little worried as it’s almost regarded as the social norm to have your shit together by 25, the house and car, career paved out and a long term relationship with all the trimmings.

But life doesn’t really work like that. There is no cast iron plan, no set route for everyone to go down. Some people have the world as their oyster at 25. Some have a cat a reasonably paid job and still live with their mother. In fact I’m starting to think most are the latter now that the economy is not overly 90s baby friendly (85-99 to be specific… I suppose…) and is making it oh so bloody difficult to get a decent phone contract let alone a mortgage.

I’d like to think I’m in the ~semi shit together~ phase and I’ll probably stay there until I’m 30 if I’m honest. I moved back home to save for a mortgage and help my mum out a little. After about two months I met my now boyfriend and after 4 he moved in. Pretty fast I know but the circumstances surrounding us at the time pulled it all together. Along with him came his dog, a chest of drawers and a new bed. Shifting around the bedroom, fitting everything in, changing MY car into OUR car and MY home into OUR home. It somehow seemed to fit and fast forward 8 months and like an old couple watching telly in bed at night with the dog by my side and a cup of tea!

As expected I spent my birthday with my boyfriend and family. I went to lakeside shopping centre, which if you haven’t been, is huge and has a cinema and 4 storey Primark for starters. It’s situated in Thurrock, Essex and from where I live on the south coast it’s journey to it consists of going through the Dartford Crossing (a tunnel going under the Thames river) and on the ghastly M25 but it makes up for it when you can spend an entire day there and have lunch on the lake in the sunshine.

I also had a meal with my family and my boyfriends family which was lovely and thankfully I had wonderful weather for the entire weekend of my birthday. As English people do when it’s sunny we had a family BBQ and got out the paddling pool for the little ones.

I suppose most of this post is really me just verifying to myself that it doesn’t matter that I haven’t got the money for a mortgage yet, that we aren’t engaged to be wed or pregnant. Everyone has there own time for things in life and mine is perhaps slower than some but equally as important and maybe even faster than others. It’s entirely personalised to each individual. As you get older I think your birthday is less about celebrations and more about the next upcoming year of your life. What you might achieve, memories and experiences. Having a good knees up helps to go through those though!

I guess what I’m saying is just do you. The only person that matters in your past, present and future is yourself. Without you there is none of those nice things or experiences. Your twenties are about finding yourself and learning the world. Learning what suits you, what doesn’t, compromising and how to walk away from things that don’t benefit you. It doesn’t matter if your shit isn’t quite together. Nobody should judge you so don’t judge yourself.

My first 25 was eventful. I’m sure the next will be even more so.

CA x

Q & A

Check out this interview I did with Louise over on her blog – how about answering the questions yourself or asking your followers? CA x


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Hello My Lovely Lot,

Yes its been a while but I took a break to try a different blogging platform and found out that it just wasn’t for me so have come back to my lovely followers on here.

With that being said I agreed a while back to take part in a Q&A with the awesome @charlottexamy but of course me being me and finding my feet I let her down and took a lifetime to sit down and do it. But here we are 🙂 I hope you guys get just as much enjoyment our of it as I’m sure Charlotte will.

  1. Introduce yourself:  Louise Anne Barnard, 24 years old, from Horsham West Sussex. I am currently a Front Of House Manager at a gym.
  2. Do you have a 5 year plan if so what is it?: I mean what I want and what happens lets…

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CHEATING? Is it really that bad?

My opinion on cheating is that anything from ‘sexting’ onwards whilst in an exclusive relationship is cheating. You are a cheat if you retaliate to cheating, and you are a cheat if you use it as a method to leave an unhealthy relationship. But my opinion is not necessarily the same as others, so I recently sent out a request for volunteers to look into the way that couples interact, communicate, and more importantly what they tell other people or may do with other people.

I also wanted to know (considering the current international media coverage) what people\s opinions on LGBTQ relationships was. The general census was that people had either considered a same sex relationship, knew people who were and didn’t think of it as anything other than ‘normal’ and those who really weren’t fussed as long as it wasn’t in their faces.

I asked 10 questions to multiple people, but for the purposes of this article have picked out two of my volunteers. As per my guidelines when I listed my article, all contributors are anonymous, listed only by a christian name initial.

  • How old are you and how old is your partner?

R: I am 26, my partner is 27.

H: I’m 36 and he is 32.

  • How did you meet?

R: We met when I was 14 at a local convention; we were friends for several years before we began dating.

H: I was working in a pub and he started coming in every lunch time. He would sit at the bar and we would do the sun dial in the paper lol.

  • How much time do you spend together each week?

R: Currently, we live together. We dedicate time in our day to play video games together and once a week we sit down to watch television. Despite being around each other a lot we make it a point to dedicate actual time to spend together.

H: Whenever we are home really but I try to send him out with the lads as much as possible ..I think it’s healthier to have some space.

  • Is there anything they do that you hate? (Remember it’s anonymous!)

R: My partner can sometimes be a bit of a homebody, and it takes a lot of effort to get them to go out which is incredibly annoying.

H: He spends too much time on his phone and forgets most things he is told.

  • what is your opinion on cheating?

R:  I do not believe cheating is as clean cut as it is typically perceived. Yes, someone gets hurt and that is bad- ideally, you don’t want to hurt someone. but I think the context of a situation can make it sympathetic and I believe that, for some people, they view it as their only means to escape an unhealthy relationship.

H: I think that one night stands can happen, anyone can make a mistake but an on going relationship with someone else is inexcusable.

  • Have you ever cheated? – what happened?

R: Not in my current relationship. In a relationship in my past I sought an emotional connection I did not feel I was receiving. While I was not physically unfaithful, the intimacy I formed with someone outside my relationship caused a wound that never healed.

H: No never.

  • Have you been cheated on? – what happened?

R: In my younger years, but I do not remember much of it. I typically cut ties and moved on.

H: Not yet, fingers crossed!

  • What’s your opinion on same sex/ mixed sex couples? (whichever is not yourself)

R: Currently, I am in a “mixed set” relationship but I identify as a pansexual woman and have dated a variety of different people on the gender spectrum (cis, trans, nonbinary). I personally do not find gender to be a point of influence in my relationships.

H: I’ve had relationships with both genders so I am supportive of anyone that loves each other.

  • What are the qualities you like in a partner and why?

R: In general, I like someone who is physically strong and mentally ambitious.

H: Someone who is loyal, funny, loves you even when you are at you’re worst and even after years together can still surprise you.

  • 10, what are the qualities you dislike in a partner and why?

R:  The biggest quality I dislike is a close-minded individual and passive behaviour.

H: Lying, cheating and not putting equal effort into the relationship.



If you were to answer these questions what would your answers be? Why don’t you ask your followers, friends or family? Anonymous questionnaires are brilliant for allowing people to speak their thoughts without fear of being judged. Let me know if you’d like to be part of my next social article!


NB: All answers are provided by the volunteers and are no way endorsed, influenced or adapted by charlottexamy.com – all volunteers consented to their answers being used on a social domain and are aware that they will be listed as their christian initial (or name of choice).


Let me know your thoughts below! Lets discuss!

CA x

TOP 10… Movies

We are always discussing movies with our friends, family and colleagues. What we’ve seen at the pictures, recently downloaded, and on the rare occasion now, have purchased on DVD. I thought I would use this clear interest to blog my favourite movies of all time. Now, I understand this is a very sweeping statement and some of you may not agree with my choices but there may still be a few surprises in there as well!

Check them out below and let me know in the comments what you think! Let me know if there’s anything I should watch if I haven’t already as well! Always appreciate recommendations.

 The Neverending Story – This film was originally made in German following a German written book called Die unendliche Geschichte which translates to the same name. The book was published in 1979 and the film followed in 1984, as I wasn’t born until the 90’s by the time I watched it the hype had gone and I watched it by chance one day when it was on television, loved it so my mum bought me the VHS, which I quickly burnt out! Still to this day one of my favourites of all time, I’ve got the DVD, an A1 sized poster of the second film (there is a trilogy, although I might add the ones after are not as good as the original, of course) and regularly quote the film in day to day life without most people even realising! 


Good Will Hunting – A Robin Williams classic. To be fair, I could fill this list with entirely Robin Williams based films, but I don’t think that would be fair to the other creditable writers and actors that got me to tip my hat to them as well. Williams performs wonderfully as a psychologist and Damon as Will, working hand in hand with Williams as a young student, with a flare for mathematics is a match made in heaven. It’s a bit of a tearjerker if you’re the sentimental type, so have the tissues at the ready! It was my go to film to watch once I had heard the unfortunate news on Robin Williams passing and will forever be an astounding film. 



Blue is the Warmest Colour – This film is French made, and therefore has English subtitles. Before I watched this film my only experience of subtitles was watching TV when everyone was asleep so quiet I had to have them on! I have never been a fan of the old style black and white subtitled movies either so this was the first time I had fully invested in a foreign film. This film brings to light the struggles of finding your identity and sexuality, as Adele a teen in France is finding herself whilst going through all the stresses of a teenager in high school (secondary in the UK) meets Emma a slightly older woman who knows that she is LGBTQ and has settled into her life. Watching Adele’s journey is something that a lot of people will understand, and empathise with and even if you don’t quite understand the gay side of things, everyone understands heartbreak. 


The Pianist – Adrien Brody’s portrayal of a Jewish pianist during WWII is incredible. The setting is the Warsaw ghetto, and I think because of the superb subtle acting and a combination of facts and artefacts, the film really brings home how the people of Poland felt when they were brought into the war, and abused so horrifically by the Nazi troops. Based on “The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw, 1939-1945,” an autobiography describing the change in Warsaw from when the Nazi’s occupied up until his death, there are a lot of poignant scenes within the movie that make you think pretty hard about what you have in life. 


The Breakfast Club – I cry. Yes, I cry at the end of this film. It really gets to me that people from all walks of life and backgrounds can come together and unite. It makes me feel pride towards being a human, and I think, to heck, if they can develop this concept on a film in the 80’s where there is still so much conflict between sexualities/genders/ethnicities, in a world where we are much more open minded (bar those who haven’t yet come to terms with differences) there is no reason this couldn’t be a reality! Symbols through the film make you feel compassion towards characters, and there is an element of nostalgia of being in a detention and causing trouble as a kid. Male, female or whatever you are, if you haven’t seen this film you should. 


One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – This is the story of a criminal trying to get away with his crimes. He pleads insanity and is sent to an institution, which he stupidly thinks will be fun and games. He aggresses the staff and scares the patients, and has to live with his choices when things become serious. Jack Nicholson is an incredibly good actor in all his work, but I find this film exceptional. The film quite accurately shows people’s stigma towards mental health issues and how sometimes, using this as a scapegoat, doesn’t make you escape anything except the future…


WALL-E – A Disney Pixar has made the list! WALL-E is a film about human destruction, painted nicely so that it’s deemed as family friendly. The film sends a subliminal message about looking after yourself, each other and the planet, and what would happen if the human race continues to fail to do so. Sounds pretty serious right? It has some really funny parts, and some parts that will leave you a little shocked, even if it is a U! WALL-E tells the story of love, in all formats. Take a look if you haven’t seen the trailer before: 


The Goonies – A story of friendship, teenage angst and pirates! Everyone loves a treasure hunt, and you’ll be sat at the edge of your seat during the organ playing scene! You may recognise some of the actors from shows they went on to be cast in as adults, such as Corey Feldman and Sean Astin. Iconic characters such as Sloth and Chunk who are still regularly quoted by people now, honestly the film of an age. HEY YOU GUYS.  


The Sixth Sense – A psychological horror about a young boy who can see and hear the dead. He seeks the help of a child psychologist, and the film explores his journey with this gift. Utterly haunting, and quite often referred to when things go bump in the night around children, The Sixth Sense is a wonder to watch. 


The Lion King – The be all and end of of Disney, a guarantee to be crossed off on your Disney list. Heartbreaking when Mufasa dies, Sorry I know it’s spoiler! And lifting when Simba sings with Timon and Pumba, this film really does give you all the emotions. It paved the way for a lot of Disney films for people, and although it was far from my first rodeo, it’s definitely the most entertaining. One of the few films where I have also liked the follow up film as much as the original, Lion King 2- Simba’s Pride is equally as brilliant as the first. 



So, now you know my favourites, what are yours? Do you agree with any of mine? Why not make your own post and tag me so I can further my top movies list?


CA x

Favourite Playlist… March

I decided that as well as posting my favourites, in general, I would post my monthly favourite playlist, because what is music if it’s not for sharing?!

This months favourites are the 80’s.

Full of rhythmic melodies, sing along vibes and some iconic greats, this playlist is full of songs for everyone.

Take a look at this playlist on spotify, and let me know your thoughts!



CA x

The one where… she gets a new job!

So I’ve had a little gap since I last posted, sorry in advance for that! But I have been a very busy bee!

Since I last posted I have left my job, had some time out for myself and secured and started a new job. I realised that sometimes it is perfectly okay to be selfish and that I needed to step back from jobs that encompassed me giving 110% of myself for other people. I decided that I wanted to work in an office environment and be part of a close team, and thankfully for me, I managed to land on my feet pretty quickly and secure a new job in just that!

I started on the Monday just gone, and despite the brain numbing from all the learning I have been doing I am so so happy I made the transition into a different sector.

I’ve figured that sometimes in life you just have to take a plunge and go for it, not worry about how you’re gonna make the bills or whatever, there can always be a friend or relative to help carry you until you find your feet, but it’s important that you strive for what YOU want, and you don’t just slip into the system of working 9-5 in a sleepy town, comatosed on your commute to work, surviving on coffee and working to live. Life needs more excitement than that, it needs a job you love, for money you deserve, and goals you can reach. And that doesn’t happen remaining in comfortable environments or being part of something just because you know it’s safer for you and you don’t need to use your brain as much.




So now my plan going forward is to focus more on myself. What I want, what I need and if I want to spend my money on something I will, if I want to go out partying, then I will, I was so consumed in my work that I forgot to look after myself, and it’s so important to look after yourself and do whatever you wanna do to make yourself feel happy and wholesome. I’ve got a job I enjoy, and I’m saving for a mortgage, looking for holidays with my boyfriend, and spending more time with my friends and family. And that’s all that’s really important.

Always put yourself first, regardless of what anyone says, you are the most important thing, no company is worth more than your physical or mental health. Never sideline your social life, or personal life, for your professional life. It really isn’t worth it.



CA x

5 truths about… Contraception.

A topic that many feel uneasy about. Taboo. Not to be discussed in public. But why? Humans are one of the few species that have intercourse for pleasure as well as mating to produce offspring. Which leads us to contraception, something you should always be armed with, just in case you’re not leaving the club on your own (or wherever you might find yourself!)

I decided to myth bust some facts, and show you guys that it’s not something to feel ashamed about talking about! Have a look through and see if you learn anything new!

  1. Sexual intercourse with condoms ~ruins~ his experience. While it’s true that guys might feel different sensations, it’s not something that would change the experience as much as they claim. Can he feel it when a condom breaks during sex ? Usually most men have no clue if that has happened so I’d always point that one out. And any guy that gives you an excuse about not using one doesn’t respect you as he should. I’ve come across some of these types, and they’re only suitable for ignoring!
  2. You don’t need contraception if you’re sleeping with a female partner. Ladies, it might now be nice to admit but guys don’t pass all of the STI’s, otherwise they wouldn’t be transmitted to as many people (stats say that Chlamydia is more common than the cold in the UK). Women can access femidoms /dams (female condoms) from pharmacies, chemist and sexual health clinics.
  3. You only need protection for intercourse. Sexually transmitted infections like HPV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis can be transmitted through any genital contact, so don’t ignore safe sex just because you’re doing “everything but” — everyone understands that it’s not as “cool” (whilst you’re at the age you discuss these things) but it’s better to be STI free!
  4. Contraception (excluding condoms) makes you put on weight.  We don’t know of any research that shows the pill or most other types of contraception to be associated with weight gain. There is one format of contraception that has been associated with weight gain and this is Depo Provera, the injection. I myself have had the injection and found that it didn’t put on as much weight as I thought it may, and that weight shifted once I stopped having that format of contraception. If you’re worried about weight gain on contraception then I’d advised you contact your GP or local family planning clinic.
  5. Emergency contraception HAS to be used “the morning after” unprotected sex. Emergency contraception is often known as the “morning after pill” – but it’s not a very helpful or accurate term. There are actually THREE formats of emergency contraception and only two are in the format of pills/tablets. The most common emergency contraception is Levonelle. This can be taken up to 72 hours after intercourse, although they advise it is more effective the quicker you take it. ellaOne and the emergency IUD (cooper IUD) can be effective up to 5 days. Remember that sperm have a life span (once ejaculated) of SEVEN days! Emergency contraception is available for free from GPs, and often most pharmacies including Boots, Superdrug, TESCO etc, will provide you with one for free. However should you need to pay for this the price is round about £25.00 for the one tablet. Emergency contraceptive tablets may make the patient feel nauseous, this should subside within 24 hours, should the patient vomit, the contraception would be unsuccessful and alternative methods would need to be used.



Hope these have helped a little! Let me know in the comments below if you’d like more on sex, relationships, love etc!



CA x



Ladies (and gents!), we all love a sassy song, that says F U, I’m a boss or sticks it ~to the man~, tells people how you feel, says “I can do without you”. Powerhouses and divas who make us feel confident and ready to tackle the world. I know for myself anyway, that listening to these ladies always boosts my mood and makes me feel like I’m a little bit stronger and more capable. Any artist that does that is an inspiration.

Take a look at my girl power You Tube playlist below; new tracks will be added regularly!






CA x